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I am in my new home on the web, at For those of you who have subscribed to this blog, I am not able to transfer you myself to the new site. If you want to continue following, please go to my new blog home at where you’ll see the same nifty little fill-in box on the top right column to be able to subscribe via email. I apologize for the hassle, and I hope to see you all over there!




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On the Move

My official website is going to be down in the next day or so in order for me to switch webhosts. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  If you are trying to get on the mailing list, you can either wait until I have the site up and running again or you can shoot me an email at j (at) jmeyersbooks (dot) com and I’ll add in your address myself. I’ll send you an email to confirm I’ve done it, so if you don’t hear back from me, please check in. (It’s possible I may lose an email or two with the switch over. I have no idea.)

This blog will be unaffected for the time being. Once my new site is up and running, I’ll transfer this blog over to it. But for now, I’ll be right here.

Hope you have a great weekend.


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Things Done and Things to Do

I’m done! I finished the book last night and sent it off to my proofreader at 12:06 am. Then I spent the next hour vacillating between panic and exhilaration. Just a preview as to what I’ll feel like when the book is up for sale, I’m sure. :-) But I have to say that I’m beyond thrilled with the book, and have so many people to thank for that. While my proofreader combs the manuscript for typos, I will be working on my acknowledgements page. It’s truly been a team effort.

So, I say I’m done, but there are still a few things to do before you all get to see the book. (Like the proofing, of course. And there are little things like formatting it once I get it back, so it looks all pretty and is easy to navigate on an e-reader.) So the release is set for the end of January for the ebook, with the paper version to follow as soon as possible in February.  When we’re closer I’ll give you an actual date, if I can.

Over the next couple of weeks my website is going to get an overhaul and I’m going to move my blog over to the site itself, rather than keep it here on WordPress. I’m looking forward to having a more seamless feel to my site and blog, and to having everything in one place. It should make upkeep a lot easier.

Also, I have had bookmarks made and will be showing them to you soon. They’re beautiful! I’ll be doing giveaways of bookmarks as well as the books in the coming weeks. And I’m seriously considering getting temporary tattoos made of a symbol used in the book because it’s just so right for the book. And it would be way too much fun to have and give away. Once I have finalized the design of that symbol, I’ll show it to you. (I’m a little bit excited about it!)

On a last note, my brother had surgery today that didn’t go as well as planned. He had a tumor on his spinal column that was causing a lot of pain and making it hard for him to walk, and the surgeons were unable to remove the whole thing. As you can imagine, this is not great news, but we are hopeful that what they were able to remove enough to offer relief. So if you’d send good thoughts his way, I know he’d appreciate it.

Have a good weekend, everyone. Stay healthy.


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A Big Thank You

Bit by bit readers have been leaving reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes. If you happen to be one of them, then I wanted to tell you how very much I appreciate you taking the time to tell others what you thought, regardless of whether you liked it. Thank you for the reviews!

Also, Cate Dean wrote an absolutely lovely review of Intuition on her blog. I’m still smiling about it four days later.

A crazy side effect of these reviews is that I’m feeling nervous about the release of Intangible—not because people are not liking Intuition, but because they are liking it so much and are anxious to read Intangible. That’s amazing. And thrilling. And absolutely terrifying to me. (I have no doubt that on release day at the end of the month, I’m going to be giddy and panicked simultaneously, hoping desperately that Intangible lives up to people’s expectations and petrified that it won’t.) (I should probably start stocking up on chocolate right now.)

But I am excited about letting Intangible go out into the world, and I do hope you will like it. Thank you again for the reviews you’ve written, and thank you if you’ve told anyone about it. (Now, back to work with me. A bit more polishing to do, you know.)

Have a great day, everyone!



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You had me at Portlandia

This last week I followed a couple of links to read this blog post and then this one (or, actually, I may have read them in reverse, and then had to go get the back story, because, you know, I like to be well informed).

And it all led me to Portlandia. Have you heard of Portlandia? Have you seen it? You should. You totally should.

I’ve mentioned before that we don’t have tv, and I like not having tv . . . but this show . . . Oh my, if I couldn’t catch it online . . . Portlandia, you could woo me back. I just love your wackiness.

Portlandia, you’ve totally won my heart.

Thanks to the Bloggess for spreading the Portlandia love.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


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The Problem with e-Readers

I bought a Kindle over the summer. Its purpose was two-fold: I wanted to read (and recommend) other indie books and the most cost effective way to do that is on an e-reader (sometimes it’s the only way to do that) AND I wanted to see what my book looked like on it to make sure the formatting was perfect. Bright idea, yes? I certainly think so. And, honestly, it has been a great tool for figuring out how I want to format my book as well as being able to test it to be sure I get it right.

But I’ve stumbled upon a *slight* problem.

I keep buying books. (Don’t tell Steve.)

And my digital to-be-read pile keeps growing. (Just like my paper book tbr pile, which I keep well stocked thanks to our local library book sale every spring and fall.)  Because the thing about a lot of e-books is that they aren’t very expensive. (Oh sure, there are plenty of $10+ e-books, but I don’t buy those. If I’m going to spend that much I’d rather have it in paper.) And Amazon regularly runs specials on books so you can often get them at really amazing bargain prices.

So I thought I’d list a few of the titles I’m very much looking forward to reading when I send Intangible to my proofreader in another week or so.

Oh! But first. Over the holiday I took some time to read one of my recent e-book purchases and wanted to tell you how much I loved it: A Modern Witch by Debora Geary. Really good, well-written story, combining traditional witchery with modern technology. A very original idea, and very well done. Book one of a trilogy. I highly recommend it. (And it’s on sale right now as a part of an Amazon promotion, so get it soon!)

So, just for fun here’s a small smattering of what I’m looking forward to reading soon, in a mishmash of genres:

Falling Under by Danielle Younge-Ullman
I previewed just a few lines of this and instantly knew I had to read it. The writing is sparse and compelling. I cannot wait to read this book. It may be the first one I click on when I finally have the time. Very excited about this one!

The Detachment by Barry Eisler
I’ve heard great things about it and am looking forward to finally reading an Eisler novel.

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
A really great review inspired me to buy this book. Can’t wait!

Alice in Deadland by Mainak Dhar
Heard really good things about this author. Vampires as part of a Alice in Wonderland inspired tale. Need I say more?

Portal by Imogen Rose
Another writer I’ve heard good things things about and I’m anxious to read this.

Meets Girl by Will Entrekin
Just go read the description of this and then preview the beginning of it. I fell in love on the first line and am so looking forward to reading this book.

Those are just a few of the gems I have awaiting me. I’ll be sure to let you know about the ones that I loved. What about you? What are you reading or looking forward to read? What’s in your tbr pile?

Have a great day, everyone!


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Intangible Teaser #4

So I was sitting here wondering how best to start the new year, when it hit me. What could possibly be better than beginning with another teaser? Seriously.

I’m not a resolution-making kind of person, never have been, so I don’t have any great lists to show you. But that would make a lovely first-of-the-year blog post if I did.  I’ve spent the last week soaking up time with my family and not working on my book while Steve read and edited it like mad. (He finished it late Thursday night. I LOVE that man.) So I’m staring at an immediate future full of inputting edits and rereading/editing it myself again before I hand it off to my proofreader.

But posting another teaser to start off the year? YES. I love that on so many levels. Torturing you all with another quick snippet of the story? Honestly? I’m not sure there’s anything I like better than some good-natured torturing. ;-) Plus, since the book is coming out this year—this month!—then it seems apropos to begin with the book.

And so I am.

“You were out healing,” Luke said into his hands.

“Of course. What else would I be out doing in the middle of the night?”

“Could you just tell me when you’re going to do that from now on?” He looked up at her.

Sera narrowed her eyes at him. “What’s going on?”

“I just need to know that you’re okay. That you’re safe.” And he wasn’t going to tell her any more than that. Not tonight.

Happy New Year, my friends! I hope 2012 brings all good things to you and yours.

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